1) Общая лексика: Академия наук Китая (China Academy of Sciences), Chemical Abstract Services (Международный CAS-номер присваивается химическим веществам американской организацией Chemical Abstract Services. Этот уникальный номер не несет информации ни о чистоте вещества, ни о произ
2) Компьютерная техника: Common Authorization System, Computed Answer Substitution, centralized attendant service, хранение данных с адресацией по содержимому (content-addressable storage), content-addressable storage (хранение данных с адресацией по содержимому)
3) Авиация: (см.) Crew Alerting System
4) Морской термин: схема оценки состояния (Condition Assessment Scheme)
5) Медицина: clinical application specialist
6) Спорт: Court Of Arbitration For Sports
7) Военный термин: Cadet Accountability System, Central Authentication Service, Chief of the Air Staff, Chinese Air To Surface, Church Army Society, Combined Arms and Services Staff, Contract Administration Service, Conversion Armor System, Coordinator of Army Studies, Crises Action System, Crisis Action Staff, calculated air speed, children's Army school, citizens alarm system, civil affairs section, close air support, coast artillery school, coded armaments system, combat alert status, command aviation section, communications analysis section, compensating air supply, complete assembly for strike, controlled airspace, courier air service, непосредственная авиационная поддержка (НАП) (Close Air Support)
9) Шутливое выражение: Computers Are Swine
10) Математика: Computer Algebra System, СКА, система компьютерной алгебры (Система компьютерной алгебры (СКА,)— это приложение, помогающее выполнять символьные вычисления.СКА — это работа с математическими выражениями в аналитической (символьной) форме.)
11) Юридический термин: Corporal Alternative Sentencing, Creativity Action And Service
12) Бухгалтерия: Comprehensive Annual Statement
13) Страхование: Casualty Actuarial Society
14) Автомобильный термин: clean air system, crank angle sensor, creep aid system (automatic transmissions)
15) Ветеринария: Companion Animal Society (New Zealand)
16) Грубое выражение: Confusion Anarchy Stupidity
17) Металлургия: Американское Химическое Общество
18) Телекоммуникации: Carrier Activity Sensor, Channel Associated Signaling
19) Сокращение: Calibrated Airspeed, Case Analysis System, Casualty Assessment System, Civil Air Service, Collision Avoidance System, Combat Advice System, Combat Ammunition System, Combined Antenna System, Committee on Atmospheric Sciences, Computer-Aided Supportability, Contemporary Art Society, Cost Accounting Standards, Crisis Action System (USA), Cast Alloy Steel, Channel Address Strobe, Communicating Applications Specification, Current Awareness Service, COSTAR Alignment System, CPE Alerting Signal (caller ID with call waiting), Calibrated Ancillary System, California Academy of Sciences (Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California), California Avocado Society, Call Accounting Subsystem, Call Accounting System, Call-waiting Alerting Signal, Calorimetric Absorption Spectroscopy, Cam Actuated Switch, Canadian AIDS Society, Canadian Aerophilatelic Society, Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society, Canards Actuator System (Army, artillery), Capable, Available and Suitable, Cardinal Air Services Inc (Fullerton Airport, Orange County California), Career Advancement Scheme (Indian universities), Carrier Accounting System (Sprint), Casablanca, Anfa Morocco (airport code), Casablanca, Morocco ANFA Airport (city/airport code), Case Assignment, Casine (cell plating), Catalog Address Space, Catch Assessment System (fisheries), Center for Advanced Studies in Telecommunications (Ohio State University), Center for Atmospheric Sciences, Center for Automotive Safety, Center on an Aging Society, Central Accounting System, Central Administration Support, Central Alarm Station, Central Alarm System, Central Asian States, Central Attendant Service, Central Authentication Service (Yale University and JA-SIG), Centrale Archief Selectiedienst, Centralized Administrative System, Centre for Adaptive Systems, Centre for Animal Sciences, Centre for Atmospheric Science, Centre of Excellence for Autonomous Systems (Australia), Certificate of Advanced Studies, Certificate of Applied Science (degree), Certification Authorities, Certified Advertising Specialist, Certified Annuity Specialist, Channel Access Sublayer, Channel Assigned Signaling (Hekimian), Chemical Abstract Service, Chemical Abstracts Registry Service, Chemical Abstracts Service (division of the American Chemical Society), Chemical Association Service, Chief of Air Staff, Children's Aid Society, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chromosome Aberration Simulator, Circuit Associated Signaling, Circuits and Systems Society (IEEE), Citizen Auto Stage Company (Nogales, AZ), Citrix Access Suite, Citrix Activation System, Civil Agencies Sector, Claims Auto Specialist, Clark Ashton Smith (American author), Classic Arts Showcase, Clean Access Server, Clean Air Solvent, Clean Air Source, Client Access Service (Microsoft), Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Cockpit Avionics System, Coconino Astronomical Society (Flagstaff, AZ), Code Access Security (Microsoft .NET Framework), Cold Air Standard, Collaboration At Sea (US Navy SPAWAR), College Alcohol Study, College of Analytical Studies (US Federal Bureau of Investigation), College of Applied Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences (various colleges and universities), Columbia Audubon Society (South Carolina), Column Access Strobe, Column Address Select, Column Address Signal (computer memory), Combat Air Support, Combat Applications Squadron, Combat Arms School (Canadian Forces; now defunct), Combined Anode Stirrer, Comma Delimited Ascii, Command Augmentation System (NASA), Command Automation System, Commercial Activities System, Commercially Available Software, Commission Accounting System, Commission for Atmospheric Sciences (WMO), Common Aircraft Servicing, Communications Accounting System (Highland Lakes), Community Action Service (International Baccalaureate high school program requirement), Complete Active Space (quantum chemistry), Complex Adaptive System, Complex Adaptive Systems, Component Administration System, Component Anesthesia Systems, Computational AeroSciences (NASA project), Computed Air Speed, Computer Aided Systems, Computer Algebra System (mathematical computation software), Computer Anwendungs- und Systemberatung GmbH, Computer As Source, Computer Assisted Surgery, Computer Assurance Services, Computer and Systems Engineering (Sprint), Computer-Aided Selling, Computer-Aided Service, Inc., Computer-Aided Software, Computer-Aided Styling, Computer-Aided Support, Computer-Aided Training, Computer-Assisted System, Computerized Autodial System, Computing in Atmospheric Sciences Workshop, Condition Assessment Scheme (ships), Condition Assessment Survey, Conditional Access System, Configuration Assurance Solution (Cisco), Conflict Alert System, Conformal Antenna System, Conformal-Array Seeker, Connecticut Association of Schools, Consejo Asesor de Seguridad (Guatemala), Consenting Adults, Consolidated Administration System, Consolidated Application System, Construction Area Sign, Consultant Accreditation Service, Consultant and Affiliate Services, Containment Assessment Plan, Contemporary Arts Society, Content Adaptation Service, Content Adaptors, Content Addressable Storage, Content Addressed Storage, Continental Automotive Systems, Contingency Alerting System, Contract Administration Services, Contract Administration Standards, Contract Administrative Services, Contract Air Services, Contract Analysis System, Control Actuation System, Control Alarm Station, Control Augmentation System, Controlled ATM Switch (Cisco), Controlled American Source, Coordinated Air Strike, Coordinating Address Space, Corporate Account Space, Corporate Administrative System (Canada), Cost Accounting Standard, Cost Accounting System, Country Assistance Strategy, Court of Arbitration for Sport, Cowboy Action Shooting, Craft Access System, Cranial Abscessation Syndrome (deer disease), Crash Analysis System (Land Transport New Zealand), Create-A-Sim (EA Games; The Sims), Creatively Agonizing Students, Creativity, Action and Service (International Baccalaureate Diploma), Credit Approval Sheet (banking), Crew Alerting System, Crisis Action System, Criticality Alarm System, Current Account Surplus, Current Assessment Summary, Customer Acceptance Specification, Customer Access Server, Customer Access Services, Customer Account Services, Customer Administrative Services, Customer Alert Signal, Customer Analysis and Solutions (Sterling Wentworth), Customer Ancillary Service, Cycad Aulacaspis Scale, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Athletic Association, IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, Spotted Wolffish (FAO fish species code), civil aviation security (US DoD)
20) Университет: Campus Automation System, Centre For Applied Statistics, Centre Of African Studies, Certificate Of Advanced Study, Course Applicability System, Curriculum Administration System
21) Школьное выражение: College of Arts and Science
22) Электроника: Central Amplifier Stations
23) Вычислительная техника: Column Address Strobe, Computer Aided Styling, computer-aided system, автоматизированная система, Communicating Applications Specification (FAX, Intel, DCA), Column Address Strobe (IC, DRAM), Чистый сервер доступа
24) Нефть: Circumferential Acoustic Scanning
26) Космонавтика: Commission for Atmospheric Sciences (WMO)
27) Банковское дело: надбавка за счёт пересмотра валютных паритетов (currency adjustment surcharge)
28) Транспорт: Commence Average Speed
29) Деловая лексика: Computer Aided Service
30) Образование: Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (в Великобритании)
31) Валютные операции: дополнительный сбор за корректировку валютного курса (currency adjustment surcharge)
32) Инвестиции: currency adjustment surcharge
33) Сетевые технологии: Communication Application Software, Communication Application Specification, Conference Application Server, Controlled Access Signaling, спецификация приложений связи
34) Программирование: Column Access Select
36) Океанография: Commission for Atmospheric Sciences
37) Химическое оружие: Chemical Abstracts Service, corrective action study
38) Авиационная медицина: Coriolis acceleration susceptibility
39) Макаров: calibrated air speed, complete active space, полное активное пространство
40) Безопасность: Cpe Alert Signal, центральный пункт сигнализации (Central Alarm Station)
41) Расширение файла: Column Address Select/Strobe, Communications Application Specification, C + ASM language source (Turbo C)
42) Нефть и газ: Chemical Abstracts System, cascade mode, Chemical Abstract Services
43) Аварийное восстановление: continuous availability services
44) Общественная организация: Crossroads Adoption Services
45) Аэропорты: Casablanca, Morocco
46) AMEX. A. M. Castle & Company
47) Международные перевозки: сurrеnсу adjustment surcharge

Универсальный англо-русский словарь. . 2011.

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